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Hall for Tribalists, Recons and Traditionalists' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Hall for Tribalists, Recons and Traditionalists

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Heilsa! [18 Jun 2011|09:01pm]
 Any Folkish/Tribalist Heathens and Celts still around, or has everyone abandoned this place?  
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PC BS!!! [25 Dec 2010|02:17pm]

[ mood | infuriated ]

Guess who Marvel Studio has playing Heimdallr in their upcoming 'Thor'. Rapper DJ Idris Elba. And no, he's not an Eminem knockoff. 'Course, it's not like they were playing someone's God, like Jesus or something....
Death to Marvel!
Patrick thomas Duffy

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Power Trip [13 Nov 2009|04:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

This was inspired by, and to some degree ganked from, a post by shadowthorne

I have several questions about the nature of power. I'm interested in your opinions on the subject.

1. How do you define "power"?
2. Is there something inherently divisive about power?
3. Are those who seek power destined to experience a certain amount of isolation, as mystics and writers do?
4. How do you feel about the romanticization of power? What about the vilification of power?
5. Do you believe people should reach for power?
6. Do you believe a group of individuals who all fully express their power is doomed to fall apart?
7. On the same token, do you believe it is possible for a group to reach for power and NOT fall apart, instead maintaining unity?

My viewsCollapse )

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The future .... ? [01 Nov 2009|11:52am]
 Do you guys think there is a future to the various folk religions ... or even to non-fluffy neopaganism?   By 'future'  I mean the religion is more than a few scattered cells of people that operate mostly via the internet. 

I am asking mostly within in a North American  context, because I know things are different in Europe.  Aside possibly from Germanic/Nordic groups, I am not seeing much progress made over here.  
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The War for the West [01 Oct 2009|08:25pm]


Did you enjoy the Lord of the Rings trilogy, either the books or the movies?

That's because you're a racist, a patriarchal imperialist, and an Anglo-Saxon oppressor. Learn more about your disgusting social habits here:


BE WARNED: 95% of you will be offended. Contains incendiary talk about racism, white people, and Islam.
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Havamal study, xposted [26 Feb 2009|08:51am]

Hello to all,

I am looking for an in-depth study of the Havamal, not just a
different translation. Something that goes verse-by-verse explaining
what it may possibly mean. I have been unsuccessful with google
searches. Any websites or books, or even your own personal notes will
be appreciated.

Thank you!
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The Spirit of Yule-Tide [25 Dec 2008|07:04pm]


Glad Yule! Here is an essay on the Real Reason for the Season.


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Crooker of the Derwent and Malevolent Water Weirds [18 Dec 2008|08:32pm]


A Painting of the Derwent River

Here is an essay I wrote about Crooker, a well-known (in some circles) malevolent spirit who inhabits the Derwent River in England. The essay is also a brief exploration of "water weirds"- the spirits of bodies of water- in folk-animism and belief.


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Orlog: The Procession of the Ages of the World [14 Nov 2008|06:45pm]


Orlog: The Procession of the Ages of the World

A Suggested Schema for Understanding the Becoming, Perishing, and Re-Becoming of the Nine World System Based on Voluspa and Gylfaginning

A Heathen Perspective on the History of the World and the Cosmos by Robin Artisson

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Click Here for the Show:


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Harvest of Life Force: Crafting a Bindrune [18 Sep 2008|02:25pm]


I have written a post here regarding the science of Esoteric Runology. I give an introduction to Runic mysticism and talisman construction, as well as showing how I designed a Bindrune for a nice lady in England, starting with Rune-meanings, going to a Rune-row, and the final construction of the Bindrune itself, in two different forms. I talk at length about Runic mythology and numerology, and show how it relates to the process. I hope you all get some use out of it.


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Radio Interview this Friday [09 Sep 2008|10:54am]


Runes are powerful tools for transformation.
Runes bridge the gap between intention, sound healing, and quantum realities. Tune into this radio interview to uncover your most powerful tool for transformation.
All of this is in my new book “Runes for Transformation” - which we will be discussing  this Friday:
Here are the details:
     8 to 10pm EST
P.S. – More rune info at www.amongtherunes.com
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A Wyrd Way of Seeing [04 Sep 2008|10:18pm]


A Wyrd Way of Seeing: The Worldview of Wyrd as Primordial Cybernetics

The Spinning of the Nornir and the Ancient Worldview of Wyrd
As Expressed in Terms of Modern Systems Theory


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ALU Galdr [01 Sep 2008|03:46pm]

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The Giants in the Water [31 Aug 2008|06:17pm]


Of all the great natural bodies of power that our Ancestors dealt with on a daily basis, the seas and oceans inspired more awe than most. When we stare at the great waters, we see not just an endless reservoir of power, but the origins of our very lives- the primordial genetic material that was the foundation of all life on land was once in the ocean. There is a great awe and fear of the oceans and seas, because they are containers of immense and mysterious powers, not all of them friendly to mankind.

The elements in their primordial form (which includes the ground under your feet, the water in rivers and oceans, lightning flashing through the sky, forest fires, and winds, among others) are by nature "giantish"- untamed and occasionally dangerous to man. It's impossible to avoid the feeling of awe when you see these hurricanes on satellite imaging, swirling with their massive spiraling arms, moving relentlessly towards land.

There is no evil in them; they are simply expressions of the might of nature itself, so massive and powerful that they move along on their Fated courses, heedless of the tiny specks of life that they blast by. I always compared them to the most massive whales in the deep ocean: massive creatures plowing along through the water, steadily, consuming thousands of pounds of tiny life-forms in the ocean as they go- they don't viciously seek to destroy life; they are simply doing as they do, never thinking twice about it.

The Gods, Hurricanes, and HeroesCollapse )

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Thoughts on the Future of Revived Paganism [27 Aug 2008|05:44pm]


Okay, I've decided to write a series of letters to discuss the future of revived Paganism. Understand that I have to make a distinction here between "Witchcraft" in the traditional sense- which is really a wide-ranging term including many forms of sorcery, all of which can (and do) exist despite the culture that surrounds them. Some cultures make it hard to be a sorcerer or practice occult/sorcerous arts, but still, they persist. Traditional Witchcraft, in the true modern sense, is a phenomenon that existed during Christian times, and now exists in the skeptical/scientific post-Christian era.

I don't worry too much about the "future" of Witchcraft; it will always remain, no matter how small or diffuse it is, because people will always seek out fringe elements of spirituality or the occult, regardless of society or culture's mainstream beliefs.

But what of "revived" Paganism, such as Asatru, Celtic Reconstructionism, Hellenism, Romuva, and the other revived Indo-European Pagan models? They have adherents, good lore and sources, reasonably strong structure as far as rituals and notions of sacred days and seasons: they have all they need to induct newborns and converts into their communities, and all they need to marry people and bury them, with rites. These revived faiths are pretty much complete faiths, with one exception: they all have pretty small populations of adherents.

So where do they go from here? A small population is bad news, for many reasons, but chiefly because small numbers means "little known", even in this day and age of the internet. "Little known" means "little or no political and legal recognition", and that means no support from anyone or anything else other than whatever few people (if any) you have near you that also practice your faith or believe as you do.

Hit this link for moreCollapse )

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Germanic Recon Religion in the US...paper [29 Jun 2008|02:17am]

got this off Asatru Lore...

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1000 Years Later [07 Jun 2008|01:12pm]


1000 years after the last shrine to Great Thorr, Friend to Man and protector of Midgard and all its inhabitants was destroyed by Kristjan missionaries, you'll be pleased to know that he lives on in our minds and hearts:

Some may laugh (and probably rightly so). But I think it's more important to consider the persistence of these mythical images and powers within the mind of humanity- this is a sign of their great power, and of the hidden realities behind the images.

Let's ignore the blonde hair for a minute on a God who was always depicted with blazing red hair and a red beard; the fact that the Rainbow Bridge is there, Asgard is there, and Thor still has his mighty hammer, blazing with lightning and fire, is profound enough, though few will see why. The fact that he's portrayed as a comic book hero, fighting against evil forces, shows that we still, on some level, understand something important about his true character- even 1000-3000 years ago, Thorr was the superhero of the people, destroying evil powers to keep the world safe.

Hail Asa-Thorr! His worship and depictions may have shrunk into tiny proportions, and the illustrators and writers at Marvel Comics may be his new Skalds, but oh well. Times changed once; they can change again. And as long as this world endures, the Gods are there, just as they always were. I hope that the real Thorr enjoys the movie they are currently making about him- with the Success of "Iron Man", Comic Book Hero movies are now sexy again, and I was told by someone that Brad Pitt may be asked to play Thor. I sure hope not. I love the Pittster, don't get me wrong, but I just don't know that a man can go from Achilles to Thor in one lifetime.

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From a Heathen World to a Christian World: Can Universal Morality Work? [23 Apr 2008|01:19pm]



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The Dragon and the Dragonslayer [29 Mar 2008|07:07pm]


Here is an essay about the eternal struggle that we are all a part of, whether we would be or not:


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Women's Dress [13 Feb 2008|01:21am]

I figured this recent news article might be of some interest, especially for the ladies who decide to dress in period garb. Some recent archaelogical discoveries are causing archaelogists to revise many of their previous thoughts regarding just how women's garb was worn.

Viking women Had Sexy Style
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